Monday, October 25, 2010

Miss Kitty

Queen Kitty...

Our Kit (aka Miss Kitty, Kitten, Little Shit, Hey YOU etc etc) is becoming quite the personality around here.  She will no doubt be a great mouser and might just keep the barn swallow population down a bit.  I watched her catch a few barn swallows during the summer and know when she crosses the barnyard because of the loud protests of friends and family of said caught barn swallows.

Now what?
I've also very much enjoyed watching her fly thru the air after grasshoppers (very entertaining) and wiggle her butt in pre-leap preparations towards the swishing horses tail...while we're grooming and/or saddling up. We nipped that in the bud. Sometimes her playfulness is entertaining and other times, injurious and/or deadly...for everyone involved.

Above is Kit discovering how funny it is to tease a kid...a goat kid that is.  Our farrier brought Skippy (or something like that) over while he worked on our horses.  He tethered him to his truck.  It wasn't long before Kit figured out if she stay juuuust far enough away, he couldn't reach her.  How clever of her.

Then she started getting closer and little inoccent Skippy started getting fresh.  This is when our farrier told us that Skippy had been humping anything and everything.  Cats were not off limits.  I think Skippy got a swipe across this nose for his advances... :)

Yesterday she assisted me in installing a gate on the new fence and reinstalling a door on the garage. So many things that I did along the way were terribly entertaining to her like the tape measure, screws that spilled when she knocked the box off the ladder and flopping her skinny butt down right below the dangling 100+ lb garage door that had I had precariously propped up while I tried to reattach it to the hinges. So I used the screw driver like a gun, aimed and pulled the trigger. Zing Zing! That sent her scurring into the wadded up tarp in the garage. That kept her entertained for a little while. I have to admit I had the urge to go over and scratch the side of the tarp to see if she'd go for it like my old cat used to in a paper bag. But I had work to do.

She loves to mess with the sheep, I've even seen her sleeping on their backs as they line up along the shade of the barn.  Here she is messing with Cybil and Cyb found her very intriguing.

We're worried about her with winter coming up. We had outside cats when I was a kid and they always did just fine. I'm sure Kit will too but she'll have much better digs than those cats did. She'll have a heated water dish and we plan on making her a straw cave lined with a fleece cat bed put up in the barn for her. Being a cat...she probably won't use it.  I'm just looking forward to her catching MICE (evil grin).


  1. OK your cat is hilarious! Miss Kitty should get together with Gabrielle and make some more stories together. Gabs is a great mouser, chipmunk/squirrel catcher and even brought down a hawk! She has the annoying habit though of eating their heads off and then leaving the rest for us as a present. Ugh! I love your pics!

  2. I'm sure Gabs and Kit would make quite a team! She brought down a HAWK? Good heavens! Brains are a delicacy ya know :).