Sunday, January 29, 2012

Is it winter yet??

Wow, I hate to jinx myself but this winter has been a piece of cake!  Does anyone remember a winter like this before??  I can remember some with very little snow but these mild temps are just just crazy.  I still have GREEN GRASS!!  I was walking thru the barnyard last night when I looked around and it dawned on me, this is January, nearly February and there is still green grass here.  Granted its not growing nor is there any green left in the pastures but still, its nuts seeing green grass in the yard and barnyard this time of year.

Bridget being greeted by Bella and Evie

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Long overdue update

(I actually typed this up last fall and meant to get some pics attached and never did.  Hate to waste it so here it is, better late than never :)

Its been a long hot summer and had a short dry fall, looks like winter is not far away. Thankfully we've received some much needed rain in the past month.  Still not back to where we need to be but better than it was.  Pastures are gone for the most part and we've already fed 50 bales of hay.  Shocking since I've not fed that much hay before January in the past 4 yrs.