Monday, June 1, 2009

One perfect day at Dreamcatcher Farm (Bridget)

It was the perfect day to walk around the back 30 acres where the three horses pasture. We wanted to see how the grass was coming along as it had pretty much been eaten down last year when we pastured several horses for some friends.The day was glorious-perhaps the last real spring day of the year. We followed the horse paths as the grass had indeed recovered. And unfortunately the poison ivy had also made a good comeback! The wild rose bushes were in full bloom punctuating the pasture with their draping pink and white flowers. The cherry trees were past bloom but the wild asters were arriving as the purple clover. The catalpa trees are leafing out nicely as were the redbuds which have shed their purple flowers. As we looked over at the pasture where the lambs were grazing the slight breeze made the grass heads roll in waves as the lambs grazed leisurely.