Friday, August 2, 2013

Sales List - 2013

Hello all, hope summer is treating you well so far!  Just got 2" of rain in the past 2 weeks here so I'm happy as a clam!  Lambs are growing beautifully, I'm very pleased with the way they're coming along this year.

I'll be selling a few adult & yearling Mule ewes this year, 1 BFL adult ewe and as well as most of the 2013 lamb crop.  All lambs this year are out of my new BFL ram, Somerhill Xray (twin).  Xray is sired by Llwygy 3772 - X1 UK (twin) and Somerhill Ballad 2323 (single) is his dam.  Xray is tested RR, most resistant to scrapie.

I got a lot of nice lambs out of Xray (aka Ray) this spring and my ewe lamb percentage, for the first time, exceeded my ram lamb percentage. Ray's fleeces sold for a (DreamCatcher) record breaking $24 per lb and the buyer said "This is a once in (my) lifetime kinda fleece!" and included this pic of some washed locks:

Wow!  Look at that sheen!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


As most of you know, I have been about to pull my hair out this past week waiting for lambs.  I was expecting Miss Aliza to start the season last week or even sooner but she decided April 4th was the day...or maybe I should say the 3 Stooges decided for her.  Of course they are adorable but I couldn't help think of them as such because #1 came backassward, #2 was trying to push his way out next to #1 and #3 decided only 1 leg was necessary to make his exit.  Sheesh, talk about diving into the deep end.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lambs are a coming!

Lamb watch officially began tonight!  Fresh load of straw and alfalfa was delivered, jugs are up and filled with straw.  Grabbed my cuppa tea and watched as they all trotted into the lambing shed and pasture delighting in the tiny sprigs of grass in the  new pasture and of course had to go in and christen the fresh straw.

The ewe lambs are still in with the ewes so it was beyond amusing to watch them run around like a clique of teenage girls, leaping and kicking up their heels.  You could almost hear the squeals as they all ran from the lambing shed after seeing an imaginary threat of some kind.

The ewes are filling out for sure, the waddling has begun in earnest.  Every year I watch Evie for signs of motherhood and every year I think I see it.  Again this year, she has no real bag development but she is big as a house.  More than likely its just all the grain and alfalfa she has been lucky to be in on but I can still hope can't I?

So I just left them all still munching on the tiny bits of grass.  I love that sound of contented munching.  Is it nuts that I want to go back out and spend the night in the barn?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The new "Hay Station" and shearing & lambing!

So once again this year, I'm at it again with the hay.  Fiddling around, trying to figure out how to keep the girls not only clean(er) but on all 4 feet when grass is no longer an option.