Friday, August 2, 2013

Sales List - 2013

Hello all, hope summer is treating you well so far!  Just got 2" of rain in the past 2 weeks here so I'm happy as a clam!  Lambs are growing beautifully, I'm very pleased with the way they're coming along this year.

I'll be selling a few adult & yearling Mule ewes this year, 1 BFL adult ewe and as well as most of the 2013 lamb crop.  All lambs this year are out of my new BFL ram, Somerhill Xray (twin).  Xray is sired by Llwygy 3772 - X1 UK (twin) and Somerhill Ballad 2323 (single) is his dam.  Xray is tested RR, most resistant to scrapie.

I got a lot of nice lambs out of Xray (aka Ray) this spring and my ewe lamb percentage, for the first time, exceeded my ram lamb percentage. Ray's fleeces sold for a (DreamCatcher) record breaking $24 per lb and the buyer said "This is a once in (my) lifetime kinda fleece!" and included this pic of some washed locks:

Wow!  Look at that sheen!

The following is a listing of what I'm offering this year.  Contact me for more info/pics.

1 - 2013 BFL natural colored (nearly black) ewe lamb (tw), not registerable, is                1/32 Border Leicester, 31/32 BFL - $200

50/50 BFL/Shetland Mules Ewes - Really nice ewes, fantastic mothers, tons of milk, absolutely no assistance with lambing and they've almost always twined. Great parasite resistance, great on grass and desirable fleeces.
2 - 4 yr olds (natural colored) - $175
1 - 5 yr old (white) - $150

75/25 BFL/Shetland Mule - DCSF Anise - 2012 lamb

75/25 BFL/Shetland Mules Ewes - same as above with more of the BFL fleece qualities and appearance.

1 - 3 yr old (white) $200 (Sadie, nice size, great fleece excellent mum).
2 - 1 yr olds (1 white, 1 natural colored) $200
6 - 2013 lambs (5 natural colored, 1 white) $150


BFL Ram Lambs
3 White - $250-300
1 Natural colored - $250 - SOLD

DCSFF Kerig (tw) - taken 05/20/13 - 44 days old
beautiful sturdy ram lamb, gorgeous fleece, nicely proportioned
& has developed nice blue coloring - $300 - SOLD

BFL Mule Rams Lambs
75/25 BFL/Shetland - several natural colored - $150
11/16 BFL, 1/8 Cotswold, 1/8 Romney - white, really nice lamb w/lovely fiber (pic below) - $200

BFL/Cotswold/Romney - 40 days old - $200
seriously nice fleeces on these 2 boys! White is a ram, black is a wether
75/25 BFL/Shetland wether - $150
really nice size and color on this boy, he's only 18 days old in this pic!

Fleece Wethers - If you're just looking for some fiber machines, I have plenty of those both adults and lambs (although you may have to do some prying out of my hands lol).  I only keep back the cream of the crop for my fleece wethers but I'm overloaded with cream (ha) so I need to cut back.  Most are friendly guys both white and natural colored, Mules and BFL.  Contact me for more info.

BFL/Cotswold/Romney - Felix (wether) SOLD
If you would like more information or pics, please email me at jennifer at dreamcatchersheep dot com.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Can you believe the beauty of those fleece-on-the-hoof sheep?

    Jen Fitzwater's sheep are amazing! I've been buying fleece from her for several years and have yet to be disappointed! Clean, wonderful sheen and color, a real joy to work with.

  2. Good bloodlines, lovely fleeces, raised by a qualified shepherdess. She is my "go to"
    for sheep/shepherding questions--

  3. how far are you from oklahoma state line..

    1. I'm in NW MO, about 50 minutes north of KC. I do have some sheep headed to TX in the next few weeks, might be able to add to that transport depending on head count if you're interested.

  4. Wonderful group of sheep!