Thursday, October 4, 2012

Packing fleeces for shipping

Hello everyone, long time no talk!  Yes, its been a loooonnng, hot, dry summer and I apparently didn't feel like talking about it :).  Well, today I actually had to turn on the heat in my car on the way home from work and I'm looking forward to firing up the gas stove tonight!  Nothing like putting a chill in the air to make me chatty apparently lol.

It has been my intention to post the blog some time ago but well, I got distracted (whats new!).  Last spring when the fleeces were flying out the door, I decided to take some pics of my process of packing a fleece up for shipping.  When I first started doing it, mostly to the processor, I had no clue how to fit a room full of fleece into a couple of boxes.  I asked around, got some advice from some helpful processors and fellow shepherds that got me through.  I'm a visual person though so I thought it might be helpful to others to see how I do it.  I've got it down to a fine art too!  What used to take me hours now takes me a few minutes! So here we go.