Friday, March 25, 2011

Cruel joke....

I woke up THIS.  Last night Gary Lezak said rain, just rain, MAYbe snow Saturday evening.  This is Friday morning and I have at least an inch of snow....THIS IS NOT RIGHT.  Yes Deb, I know you have a foot + on the ground up there where you live by the north pole but you expect that (ok maybe not a foot but you get my point).  This is Missouri.  The grass is nearly tall enough to mow, the crocus and daffy's are blooming and I know the peach tree is thinking about blooming soon too.  So help me if we get the 3-5" that is predicted tomorrow....I don't know what I'll do but it'll be bad.  Real bad.

Prescribed Burns

As some of you may know, we have a 25 acre pasture that is just itchin to be burned. Has been since we bought the place but it’s a bit overwhelming so we kept putting it on the back burner…so to speak. The time has come to address it since the “seedlings” are no longer seedlings, they are on their way to becoming trees…some have already reached their goal. The native warm season grasses (and weeds) are getting so tall and thick, you can lose a horse back there, let alone sheep! So when I saw the posting about the prescribed burn workshop not far from us, I knew it was a sign.  Bridget and I signed up for the workshop put on by the Missouri Dept of Conservation at the Pony Express Lake near Maysville. Figured it was time to learn how its done.