Thursday, August 13, 2015

2015 Sales List

Have some nice ram lambs available this year, most are high percentage Bluefaced Leicester with a hint of Border Leicester a cross I have been very happy with and have been very productive and parasite resistant, most white and a couple of natural colored boys.  I also have 1 natural colored Bluefaced Leicester ram lamb (#158) available.

On the ewe lamb front, I have 3 Bluefaced Leicesters, 2 white, 1 natural colored.  I also have 3 BFL/BL crosses, same high percentage as the ram lambs, all white.

All lambs born late March through early April.

I'm thinning the flock this year so I also have 5 yearling ewes available.  Two are 50/50 BFL/Finnsheep crosses, 1 white, 1 natural colored, amazing fleeces.  One ewe is 3/4 BFL & 1/4 Rambouillet/Cotswold (white), really nice fleece with this cross, one of my favorites.  Last 2 ewes are the BFL/BL (high BFL %) cross, 1 white, 1 natural colored.

Price list:

Ram Lambs
Bluefaced Leicester (natural colored twin) ram lamb - $275
BFL/BL cross ram lambs (75/25) (twins & triplets, 1 single, white & natural colored) - $200

Ewe Lambs
Bluefaced Leicester ewe lambs (2 white & 1 natural colored, all twins) $250
BFL/BL cross ewe lambs (75/25) (white, all twins) - $200

Yearling Ewes
BFL/Ramb./Cotswold cross (75/12/12) (white, twin) - $250
BFL/BL (75/25) (1 white, 1 natural colored, twins) - $250
BFL/Finnsheep (50/50) (1 white, 1 natural colored, twin sisters) - $300

Contact me if you are interested in a specific lamb and I can get more pics to you (jenfitzh20 at gmail dot com).

BFL/BL cross ram lamb

BFL ram & ewe lambs with mom

BFL/BL cross ewe lamb on left, BFL ewe lamb right front

BFL/BL yearling ewe
BFL/Finnsheep crosses when they were lambs (2014)