Thursday, April 4, 2013


As most of you know, I have been about to pull my hair out this past week waiting for lambs.  I was expecting Miss Aliza to start the season last week or even sooner but she decided April 4th was the day...or maybe I should say the 3 Stooges decided for her.  Of course they are adorable but I couldn't help think of them as such because #1 came backassward, #2 was trying to push his way out next to #1 and #3 decided only 1 leg was necessary to make his exit.  Sheesh, talk about diving into the deep end.

Larry, Moe & Curly (I'll choose real names later...maybe :)
It all started the evening of 04/03, Aliza was pushing some and looking pretty darned uncomfortable.  So I got up every 2 hrs all night long and finally decided to just stay up at 6:30 because they had obviously dropped and she was looking ready.  Finally at 8:30am the first 2 balloons came.  OK, game on I thought.  Aliza is an old hand at this so I really didn't think I was going to have to glove up.  I was wrong.

At noon I realized I was going to have to help.  First thing I put my hands on was a tail...then back legs.  Crap.  I could hook my fingers around the bend in the legs but couldn't budge them.  I called my vet praying he's say "I'll be right over".  Wrong again.  See he thinks I can handle all this stuff by myself and he's determined to make me.  So he tells me to grab a piece of baling twine and tie it around the back legs then pull down and with the other hand, help them through the cervix.  Yeah, thats a heck of alot easier said than done.  Imagine tying a string around legs covered in slime in a space not big enough to bend your fingers in.  Took me awhile but I got 'er done.  

Where'd Mom go???
Soon as I started pulling down, I could feel him moving.  Hallelujah!  Once the back legs were out, the rest came in a rush.  First thing I do is look to see...boy or girl?  Boy.  OK, 2 more to go (I was confident there were triplets).  Second one was already there ready come out, little natural colored one this time.  Boy...girl?  Boy.  Drats.  Last one was back a bit and one of the legs was bent back.  Piece of cake lol.  Push back, pull the leg forward and swish, out it came.  Boy.......GIRL????  Boy.  Dangit to heck.  Oh well, all three are definitely excellent candidates for rams IMO.  Aliza is a dream mother, tons of milk, confirmation to die for and outstanding fleece.  She as always given me nice lambs.  She does usually give me a GIRL though (pouting now).

There she is!!

As expected she took all three, no questions asked.  Gave each one equal time, was patient and calm.  I do love that ewe.  She even came to me several times during her labor for a neck rub and scratch and I do believe was grateful when I finally got my butt in gear and helped.  I think when a laboring ewe waddles across the barn and lays at your feet, she's telling you something.  HELP.  I'm just relieved I could.  Thank you Doc Mitts for making me do I know I can do it again if I have to.  I'm not sure if this tops the 19 pounder from a couple of years ago (out of a first timer no less) but it comes pretty close.  To the rest of you ewes out there munching away on that green stubble called grass....get busy and start pushing!!!

Seriously, it doesn't get much cuter than this.


  1. Can they be more perfect? Ok, they could have been ewe lambs :)

  2. Proud of you sis! How adorable... Linda

  3. Thanks guys, and yes Donna, 2 ewes and a ram would have done nicely :).