Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall at DreamCatcher Farm

I woke up this morning to a cool gentle breeze blowing through the bedroom. The curtains were lightly billowing and I could hear the birds chirping in the old cedar. Its been very dry for the past several weeks but we got a bit of rain yesterday and the air is much more humid today. Normally I hate humidity but this feels good and it felt very fallish.

Above is the view from the kitchen sink.  I love this view.  I should start taking more pics of it so I can see all the seasons from it.  It has so many of the elements I love about this place.  The beautiful old barn, the pasture with sheep and the rolling hills of this area.  It even has my beloved Honda CRV in it :).  Sitting in the window are some of my favorite things too.  A small stained glass window that my sister made, the "serta" sheep family that my friend Caryn gave me and the 2 bookened lambs that belonged to my mother.

Its also obvious that the time for mating is near.  The boys are getting rambucious and heads are clashing. Above and center (brown face) is Roark, the sire to most of the boys behind him (mostly wethers).  Teddy, the one just over his left shouler (right side of the pic) will be the one to take over and will get his start this year since we lost Michael to the heat.  He strutts just like his daddy did and has a beautiful fleece already.  Teddy (DreamCatcher Theodore) is out of Firesong Lemara, an older ewe I got from Kathy Davidson of Potosi Sheep Farm in PA.  Kathy got Lemara from Firesong Farm (Diane Kelly) out of MD.  Lemara is a nice combo of Ward, Lelli and Somerhill stock and her grandaughter was Supreme Champion at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this year. Micheal was from Bitterroot Ranch in MT and had lines from Tumble Creek Farm (Robina Koenig), Beeston (from UK) and Ward Farms.  With this combo, I've no doubt I'll have some nice lambs next spring!  Do the ewe dance with me :)!

We're pretty excited to be breeding 7 two yr olds for the first time this fall.  Last year our only "newbie" was Rose, a shetland/BFL cross and we are extremely happy with what she produced for us.  Our fleeces are looking amazing right now.  Fingers crossed, hoping the winter goes a bit easier on us this year so we can keep them clean of hay.

Below are some pics that I've been taking this fall.  This is by far my favorite time of the year.  Spring is a pretty close second but there is just something special about fall...

Nora gathering the flock
Bella wiggling up to me for a little cuddle

Hope you're all enjoying the fall like we are!


  1. Beautiful pictures. when I look out the windows at work, it makes me want to be home out in the meadow or pastures with my camera. I put a picture of Liam on my blog last night.
    I am with you...if the winter treats us good, maybe, just maybe we will have that beautiful wool crop.

  2. Hope Liam is behaving for you Sarita! We put Teddy in over the weekend and the girls were lining up for him! He was a bit bewildered at first but got down to business pretty quickly. Funny, the ewe that he "serviced" first is always the first to lamb so I guess I'll know who to keep an eye on next spring!