Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pygora Cuties

Well, we did it, we now have 2 of the cutest little pygora goats in the whole world.  OK, so we might be a bit biased but they are pretty darned cute.  We actually ended up getting a little doe kid instead of 2 wethers.  The little brown boy we had initally purchased, developed coccidia after he was weaned and unfortunately didn't make it.  We were very sad to hear about this but were told there were several others that we could choose from to get as a companion to the cream colored wether named Thomas.  When we arrived, Joan had a couple of billies for us to look at but I really didn't want a billy.  So Bridget decided to go with the darling little doe named Megan.  She has beautiful fiber so I'm pleased as punch.  As Bridget said on the way home "this way if we decide to breed her, we can, if not we don't have to."  I looked at her and said "you KNOW we're going to breed her!", we're suckers for baby goats.  She's too young this year so she'll get to lounge around with Thomas for a year and after she's around 18-24 mos, we'll more than likely take her back to Joan for breeding.  Right now we have them in the "garden" next to the lambing shed with Julian and Sammie who are 2010 ram lambs seperated from the breeding ewes while breeding takes place (Teddy pulled the long straw for that this year :).  I went out to get some pics of them this beautiful fall afternoon...so brace yourself for a dose of cuteness!

Seriously, do they get much cuter??  Megan was bottle fed as a baby so she is very human oriented.  Thomas wasn't but he's learning pretty fast that we're good to be around.  They weren't raised around dogs, pet, guardians or herding so they came to a place with all 3 and at first were pretty terrified.  Didn't take them long to figure out that Willie was safe, Fynn is not and Sophie they're not totally sure about yet.  Sophie loves all things little and was Evie's playmate when she was a bottle baby.  She's been doing playbows at the gate and they just stare at her like she's an alien.  I've not introduced Nora yet and I kinda doubt they'll ever be "herded".  Thomas is eager to butt anything that comes close so I have a feeling Nora will be a prime target if she ever tries to move them.  So far they follow me everwhere so I don't think moving them will be an issue. 

Also wanted to share a pic of a shawl that I just finished for Bridget.  I told her that I'd make her something for her upcoming b-day and she chose a shawl.  I was very pleased with how this one turned out.  I got the pattern from Ravelry , its called "Meandering Vines" and was a real treat to knit up using Roark's fiber.  Not hard at all but not boring either, just enough to keep me interested but not frustrated.  If you decide to knit one of these up, be sure to block it when you get done, makes a huge difference.

Hope you're all enjoying this beautiful fall weather!  Winter is just around the corner so I'm trying to soak up these wonderful warm sunny afternoons!


  1. Meagan is beautiful, cute, and looks like she will be a real sweet pet. Things are getting more and more interesting on your farm.
    I also love the shawl. How great that the wool is from a dear friend and knitted by a friend...wonderful birthday present! If you ever get ahead...my birthday is just around the corner...smile.. just kidding!

  2. Thanks Sarita! I'll get started on that shawl right away :)