Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring is coming and so are lambs!

Yes, its been a while.  My desire to write disappeared for a while.  But, its that time of the year, lambs will be coming soon and I love to share it.  Its a time when I get to sit out in the lambing shed and bond with the girls.  Honestly its one of my favorite times of year.

Aliza with her 2013 triplets
Its always fascinating to me to watch the hierarchy in play between them.  No one messes with Queen Aliza but she is a good queen (unlike some former queens).  She is fair but firm.  This is my spot, if you're in it, I'll politely paw your back and you will move.  Lucy has gotten a bit cranky in her old age and has resorted to ramming those that get too close (a streak of her mother Cybil in her).  The "second timers" have that resigned look about them.  Here we go again...I feel SO fat!  The first timers are the funniest.  I got a couple of Finnsheep 2 yrs ago and this will be their first lambing.  One, named Nutmeg, is like a dog and absolutely adorable.  She loves to cuddle, thankfully she's small lol.

Her sis, Lily, doesn't know what to do with herself.  She flits from place to place, you can almost hear her question "what the heck is going on here people?! What is happening to us??"  The other first timers are familiar with the lambing shed, of course they were all born there, have memories of running and playing there so they're thinkin' this is pretty dang cool.  Grain, hay, nice fresh straw, what more could you want??

Then there is the massage time, the crowd gathers around me when I first go out and sit down.  Oh she's here she's HERE!  Scratch here...right here..oh yes, thats the spot.  Back rub please!!  Then Aliza arrives and the crowd parts.  She walks up to me, burps up the most fowl smelling cud and chews it like a 5th grader with a wad of bubble gum.  "You doin' back massages?  No?  Well you are NOW :)!"  Lucy waddles over and all I need to do for her is stick my hand out, she does the rest.  She just likes head scratches, don't touch her back, she doesn't like back massages.  Claire isn't demanding, she is just sweet.  A nice cheek rub, scratch between the shoulders and she's good.

Then they all lay down, adjusting bellies so they can breath.  Lips curl with the discomfort and sounds of gurgling bellies and rising cuds fill the air.  Ahhh, its almost lambing time :)!

Bella with her adoring fans :)


  1. What a wonderful way to start Saturday - a new blog post from Jen! I can't wait to come spend a night in the lambing shed :) And maybe next year, a night or two in my own lambing shed.