Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New addition to the flock & shearing!

No Donna don't get excited, Aliza didn't lamb lol.

No, the new addition to the flock won't be grazing in the pasture, nor will she be getting sheared on Sunday...or any other day.  Our new addition is all the way from Germany...drum roll please!

My sister Deb, sent this darling little lamb from Germany where they are currently living!  It arrived in the mail today.  Funny thing was I thought it was some sheep supplies I'd ordered so I grabbed the box, didn't even look to see who it was from, ripped it open and started digging for nipples, syringes and other lambing "stuff".  To my surprise there was something soft and squishy inside!  I looked at the outside of the box and saw it was from my sister!  When I pulled this little lamb out my first thought was....can I still cuddle with a stuffed animal when I'm 48?  Hell YES lol!  Soft?  Oh my yes, it is just darling!  Nora is disturbed by its presence lol.

This was after an attempt at gripping....

Thanks Deb :)

So, we're gearing up for shearing with Danny Smith this coming Sunday, March 11th!

I always start checking the weather forecast about now and sure enough, this morning there was a chance for rain both Saturday and Sunday (you can't shear wet sheep).  Thankfully however, by this afternoon, Sunday's chance was removed and Saturday's was taken down to 20%.  We'll just hope they take it out altogether and its a beautiful sunny day!  I'll even take a beautiful cloudy day lol.

We've been working on some new stalls in the old barn to make shearing a little more organized.  I've got some of the old doors operational again and an area set up just for Danny, hopefully he likes his new digs :).

So if you need something fun to do on Sunday, come on out and join us!  Shearing should start around 9am and we have a buffet lunch scheduled once shearing is done.  No dogs please :)!  Just don't say that to these two...

Did I hear you say no dogs????


  1. Love your new sheep...what a nice sister! How many sheep are you sheering this year? We shear on Mar. 24th....of course it will rain or snow. Our barn got hit pretty hard last week...hope we can get it fixed before we start lambing and definitely before shearing
    Hope you have a sunny shearing day!

    1. I'm shearing 42 this year Sarita. Is Danny doing your flock too?

      Did you have strong winds or a tornado? The winds are really blowing here tonight thats for sure, makes me nervous! Guess its that cold front trying to push in but its still 60 degrees...at 9pm in early March. So bizarre!!

  2. You are welcome... Couldn't resist it when I saw it on the shelf! Boy the US mail system from here in Germany works great! Thought you wouldn't get it until Friday or Saturday... Happy shearing!