Sunday, February 5, 2012


Just a heads up to all those with dogs in your lives...

I saw a mosquito yesterday and you know what that means. If you've suspended your Heartguard (or whatever you use for heartworm protection) for the winter, better get it started back up again. This crazy "winter" hasn't killed any bugs so the heartworm danger has continued thru the winter. I just wanted to mention it because I know a lot of people will stop for a few months in the winter to save money (myself included). Having been involved in dog rescue for many years, I know what heartworm can do to a dog and the long painful treatment (both physically and mentally) isn't worth saving a few bucks.  I also know how expensive it is and there have been times in my own life where I have had to make the I buy heartworm preventative or gas for my car so I can get to work?

This is why I went on a search for a low cost alternative to Heartguard and Interceptor.  There are several good generics on the market and most vets carry them. I have used Valuheart and Nuheart and both are, in my experience, trusted generics for heartworm protection. Now they don't come in that yummy treat form but one if not both are chewable pills.

If your vet doesn't mention or suggest the generics, ask them about it. If they don't carry it, ask for a prescription from your vet so you can either go to another vet to buy or buy it on line.  That might encourage your vet to start carrying it :).

And that folks, is my sermon for the day, I'm climbing down off the pulpit now :).

Sophie, Fynn and Nora

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