Saturday, July 9, 2011

2011 Ram Lambs & Adult Rams For Sale

This year I am pleased to say we have really nice 3 purebred BFL ram lambs to offer!

First up, the boy I'm infatuated with, DCSFF Logan. He is out of Bitterroot Aliza and DCSFF Theodore.  Logan is a twin, his sister is natural colored. Logan already has a beautiful fleece on him as well as a clean head and belly and nice conformation and good blue coloring.  He also has a really nice temperament taking after his very social mum :). You're really going to have to pry this boy out of my hands...


Next up are twins Tristan and Simon.  They're also out of DCSFF Theodore and their dam is Foreside Daylight .  They too already have nice fleeces that look like they're going to have some good length to them.  Their dam's fleece is one of my top sellers, its soft with great definition. 

Tristan (sold)

Simon (sold)

Now I have 2 crossbred rams to offer.  First would be the infamous "Tank".  He was nearly as big as his mother when he was born (19.8 lbs) and hasn't stopped growing since he hit the ground.  I do believe his initial large size was due to too much pre-lambing grain (my bad) but he has only seen grain briefly as I put them on pasture shortly after he started eating creep so all the growing since then is all him!  He's a beautiful boy, nice head, beautiful fleece and a sweet temperament.  If you're looking to add natural colored BFL with just a touch of Border Leicester to your flock, he's your man...err..ram!  Tank is out of DCSFF Olivia (3/4 BFL & 1/4 BL) and my beloved Roark from Herbal Maid Fiber Farm (also 3/4 BFL & 1/4 BL).  Roark has been with me since the beginning and he has always had one of the nicest fleeces on this farm.  His offspring carry that trait and Tank is no exception.  You can't see it in this pic but he has a nice BFL head and at a mere 10 wks old, this boy is already "very well equipped" :).

Tank (sold)

Last but not least we have DCSFF Dylan.  He is out of HMFF Roark (3/4 BFL & 1/4 BL) and DCSFF Rose (1/2 Shetland & 1/2 BFL).  I've had really good luck with my Shetland/BFL crosses.  The lambs grow very nicely are very hardy and have nice fleeces.  This is the first time I've offered a Shetland/BFL cross ram lamb but Rose has proven to be a great ewe, producing twins each time with nice fleeces and good worm resistance so I thought we'd offer one incase anyone was interested in this cross.

Dylan (sold)

I will also be offering Theodore (Teddy) this year, as well as Sammie (same sire as Teddy, dam is a Potosi ewe), a purebred natural colored BLF.  Roark (3/4 BFL & 1/4 BL) will be available as well as I've had him for 4 yrs now so its time for some new blood (snif snif).  Roark has outstanding fleece and has always been a reliable ram with excellent worm resistance.  His fleece is the first one out the door (sometimes before I can object lol).

For more info and pics of any of the above, just let me know! 



  1. Looking for a BFL, white, to to breed to my Rambouillet/Merino cross ewes.

    I also have an Icelandic ram that I would trade, or sell.

    How much?

  2. Sandy,

    Teddy, born 03/2010 that I used last fall, is $400. Ram lambs available are Tristan and Simon for $250 each. I also have Logan (ram lamb) but until I can find a replacement ram myself, I'll hold onto him incase I need to use him this fall.

    Are you nearby? If so, you're welcome to come out and see them in person. Thanks for inquiring!