Monday, May 9, 2011

Growing like weeds!

The lambs are getting big so I wanted to share some pics of them with you!

I am totally infatuated with Logan, I think he is a complete dreamboat and sweet as can be.  

Anthony & Dillion with Liz and Mom Rosie in the back
 Nell is Nigel's sister and she's turning into quite the beauty too.  She's gaining well since Amy only has to feed her (I'm still a little bitter about that).
Nell (Nigel's sister)


Liz (Logan's sister)

Tristan & Simon

Tristan and Simon are the 2nd set of lambs born and you'd think they were joined at the hip. 
Its very rare that you seem them apart!
Of course none can top my baby boy Nigel, he's still the cutest of them all :)

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  1. Every year I think it is the cutest group of lambs but this year it really is the cutest group of lambs!