Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Devil lambs

Well, my glee over Cybil’s milk was short lived. It looks like I'm going to have to supplement her girls, Alice and Flo. I hadn't fed them bottles since, oh it was Sunday sometime, midday maybe and yesterday afternoon they were about to take my leg off if I didn't give them a bottle. They didn't look emaciated but not full either. They're like baby birds, touch their heads and immediately turn upwards searching for nourishment.

They both sucked down 10 ozs pretty quick (and then waddled away) so more than likely Cyb isn't producing quite enough for them. I have to say, she looks quite smug while they're nursing on her. Its almost as if she's saying, "so there you bi#ch, I can feed them too!". She always looked very resentful when we were bottle feeding them and would actually come over and nudge their butts while they were sucking on the bottle.

Oh well, I don't mind feeding them a bottle in the afternoon but that 4am one before work just isn't a lot of fun. I went out to open the gate for them all to go into the pasture before I left this morning. I tried to do it very quietly so Alice and Flo wouldn't hear me. But of course they did and suddenly I hear their all too familiar baaaa's and they come running toward me in the dark. I quickly shut off my flashlight and began to sprint for the gate praying I didn't trip over something and go sprawling in sheep poo in my work clothes. At one point I felt as though I was running from the devil himself as I heard their cries getting closer and closer. I had that panicked feeling as though I would be devoured at any moment if they caught up with me. Then I reached the gate and quickly jumped thru and latched it behind me. Felt kinda silly when 2 little lambs screeched to a halt at the gate. I dunno though, their eyes do glow red in the flashlight beam.

PS, I do promise to start putting some lamb pics in soon, just haven't had the time or energy to sit down and start photoshopping ones we've taken. Soon though, soon! Wait til you see Pewter's darlings!

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