Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Growing lambs! (lots of pics)

Lambs are growing like crazy, some are even hard to distinguish from the adult Shetlands when you are just looking out into the pasture. I'm starting to kick myself for banding everyone, there are some mighty nice looking boys out there.  Oh well, can't undo that!

This may be part of the reason why they're growing so nicely this year.  GRAIN. I read about people using chicken feeders for creep feeders so I thought I'd give it a try.
In the past I just put out a trough and filled it a couple times a day.  This way they have access to grain 24/7...well, most of the time anyway.  Because they're still nursing, they don't go overboard on the grain like an adult would...well, most of the time anyway lol. a bit of a pig!  Want to find him?  Look in the creep feeder!!

So far its going well except when they put their front feet on the edge and swing it out to get to the grain in the top.  Then the grain spills out onto the floor.  I've stopped filling them all the way to the top so that helped but now they run out of grain before I'm able to get in there and fill it up.  Thats ok, I'm going to stop graining them soon anyway so they'd better get used to it!

Here are some pics of them from this evening.  It was such a pretty evening that I grabbed my camera and decided to take some pics for ya'll!

Ancho grazing with his mom.

Tansey gossiping with Willie..."see that guy over there?  I heard his mom put his brother up for adoption, like right at birth, can you believe that??  Poor thing follows that human around like she is his mom, I can only imagine what will become of him...such a shame!".
Hey, who is that?  Oh its just that human again with that funny box in front of her face.  Weirdo.

Tansey socializing with Hyacinth this time..."look at HIM Hy!  What a HUNK!"  Hyacinth: "Don't get too excited girl, I hear they're all banded..."

That little white dot in the back is Bella gearing up for the coyotes...she knows they're back there!

Poppy out of Alice out of Cybil!  The Cybil line lives on! 

Caper out of Pewter, our last remaining purebred Shetland.

Anise and Licorice out of Willow

Anise...she is just such a cutie pie like her momma!


Take the bander (castrator) away from me next year.....

....PLEASE!!  Oh my.  Tansey was right, they're hunks!

Whats this about a bander???


  1. Good golly, but they are huge! And what would you do with all of those lambs if they were not banded? The world only needs so many functional rams :)

    Thanks for a new blog update - they always make me smile :)

  2. Sooooooooo enjoying your pic, jenn! Mind if I copy to a cd for Mother? does Hyacinth have her 'periwinkle blue Royal Daulton' china feed dish??

    1. I would LOVE it if you could copy it to CD for Aunt Di Karen, thank you!

      I wonder if they make periwinkle blue Royal Doulton creep feeders?? :)

  3. They are a beautiful flock of lambs. A testament to some very hard work and thouhtful breeding. Good work Jennifer.