Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lamb Pictures!

OK, I finally had time to sit down and post some lamb pics!

This would be the thistle patch on the south side of the "pond" (it rarely holds water). We've battled these thistles for 3 years and I'm determined to destroy them this year. Apparently the lambs have decided to help out :). They had just finished with a round of lamb races around the pond bank so they needed some snacks. We're going to try and get a video of the the lamb races and post it here soon!

Not sure who this is but love that face!

This is DreamCatcher Flo, one of Cybil's part time bottle babies. I'm probably running backwards to get this picture because she's got that "do you have my bottle??" look! I don't know the percentages but Flo is BFL/BL/Romney/Cotswold. I'm spinning her sister, Eve's, fleece right now and besides some dry tips (she had some worm issues last summer) her fleece is very soft and a lot of fun to spin.

Ahh, another beautiful BFL lamb, I think this may be DreamCatcher Emma out of Bitterroot Aliza.

This is DreamCatcher Sadie out of DreamCatcher Rose. This lamb is 1/4 Shetland and 3/4 BFL. I'm very pleased with Rosie's 2 and can't wait to see their fleece next spring!

This is pretty little DreamCatcher Leah out of Forside Daylight, one of our registered BFL's.

A favorite spot in the pasture is the tree stump patch! They love to jump around on them!

This would be my favorite ram lamb this year, DreamCatcher Samuel out of Potosi Amy. Not only is he beautiful but he has a great personality and is very friendly.

And this is our pride and joy, DreamCatcher Willow! She is out of Pewter, our only remaining purebred Shetland ewe. We'd been hoping for a grey lamb out of Pewter and not only did we get that but she made it a ewe lamb to boot! The little boy behind her is her brother, Wyatt. He has a touch of grey and brown on him so it'll be interesting to see what his fleece looks like as he gets older.

So thats our lamb crop for 2010! Our thanks to HMFF Roark and Bitterroot Cordell, our 2 beautiful rams, for producing such a wonderful lamb crop this year


  1. I can't believe it but I have a little black and white lamb that looks like your lamb, he is out of a Bl x shetland mother and ram. Just beautiful

  2. Isn't she just darling?! She is changing colors by the day too, or should I say changing shades. Now her face is almost entirely grey and her body is greying out too. I expect she'll end up looking mostly like her mother. I'm very excited to see what her fleece looks like, I'm sure you're excited about yours too :)!