Saturday, February 20, 2010

Peeew!! (Jen)

Ollie got skunked. I knew it would happen eventually, guess I should be thankful its one of the LGDs (livestock guardian dogs) instead of a Border collie (which lives in the house...unless it gets skunked).

I heard Bella wildly barking last night but there was no way I was going outside at 1am (when its 32 degrees and raining? I think not.) to find out WHAT she was barking wildly at. Was kinda obvious when I went to feed them and wham, there was Ollie grinning from ear to ear....and stinkin' to high heaven. I threw his food in his bowl and left very quickly. Believe me when I say that 1 hr later in new clothes, in the house, I can STILL smell it. Time to get the neti pot out me thinks.

It was a strange night and for some reason I got up several times....if you're a woman over 45, I think you know what the "some reason" was am I right? Yeah, well. Anyway. I look out the window whenever I get up, habit. Last night all I see are these silly sheep standing in the pasture in the snowy drizzle that was falling. They have 2 shelters both of which had fresh bedding. Go figure.

Today I get home to find Cybil laying down in the snow, head down as though this is it, I give up. Don't often see them dozing during the day so I was a bit concerned. I called her name, no response.

Gathered the dog food, called her again, no response. I go out and she lifts her head but doesn't get up. Just looks at me with that wool covered face of hers. I think she'd had a long night and was just tuckered because when I reached down to touch her head and that was enough, she got up, peed (they do that, almost always) and walked away. She'd been laying there for some time as the snow was melted away and there was quite a pile of, um, well, ya know. They do that too, "go" where they lay. Must be nice.

I have to laugh at the picture of Cybil above. Everytime I look at it, I can hear her saying "I can't believe I ate the whooooole thing".

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