Sunday, December 14, 2008

Stormy December Day (Jen)

Just got back from taking the dogs for a walk in the back pasture. I can do that now that my friends horses are gone (all 15 of them). I missed taking the dogs back there but the horses were a bit too curious and the dogs were seriously outnumbered.

Its like a Christmas smorgasbord out there now. Horse poop, deer scat and obviously coyote scat as well. There are also a couple of very swampy areas, niiiccce and muddy. Doesn't get much better than that for a dog. The aroma of wildlife poop still lingers in the air, even after the 3 doggie baths. Hence the Northern Pine Glade candle does help :).

The wind has been howling for at least 48 hrs now, gusts up to 50 mph. As Bridget said once, I understand how people went insane during the Dust Bowl. It can be very windy here but this is ridiculous. The temperatures have been in the 50's and 60's along with the wind, crazy for December. Knowing that was soon going to change, I decided it was a good time to take the dogs out. Bridget had planned to come out, but I assumed with the weather forecast, she'd stay home.

So off we go, thru the sheep pasture, Fynn and Sophie safely on leash...Nora hoping for that "come bye" command that didn't come. I get them into the back 30 (acres) and turn them loose. Of course Fynn and Soph immediately go for the poop. Nora knows there is a tennis ball in my pocket so she's poking me to throw it. Ah, it feels good to just enjoy the warm winds and watch the dogs run (and roll).

We get about 3/4's of the way down the pasture and I find one of the many holes, twist my ankle and go sprawling. So I rolled over on my back and lay there watching the storm clouds fly by. Its comfortable there so I decide to just hang out for a minute. Who cares that there is a large pile of horse poop next to my ear, my ankle hurts. Then I hear heavy breathing, very heavy breathing...not Fynn, Sophie or Nora breathing. My head is kinda going downhill so I can't get up fast. As I'm struggling to get up, two very large white and black furry faces push me back down again and lick me in the face.

The Pyrs, Will and Oliver. They must've seen us and come to investigate. Oh how happy they were to have playmates! Yippeeee! Then Fynn bites Ollie. Oh Fynn, you apparently have no idea that Oliver could kick your scrawny butt from here to China. Then again, Fynn is now running in the other direction so maybe he does lol. All was forgotten, the Pyrs are like that. They know the Border collies are fools so they just ingore their stupidity...most of the time. So Will helps me up and we continue our walk.

The clouds are really threatening by now, I do love weather! I was working up a sweat, had worn a coat despite the temps and now wish I hadn't. I unsnap it and let it blow open and WOOOSH! There's the cold front! One second (literally) its 60 degrees, next I can see my breath!!! We were no more than a few hundred yards from the back gate but by the time we got to the house, my face hurt from the cold. I have never experienced a temperature drop like that before, simply amazing.

So we're back in the house, dogs washed and sulking. The wind is still howling, now from the north instead of the south. The horses and sheep have shifted their positions and continue to munch happily. Time for me to grab some wool and hunker down for the afternoon. Just another Sunday on the farm :).

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