Sunday, July 20, 2008

Beautiful summer day! (Jen)

Today I got up early, the fog was thick which is unusual for a July morning. It was cool but quite muggy which meant it would be brutal later in the day with temps approaching 95. So I decided to grab the chain saw and finish cleaning out the cedars in the fence row. As much as I love cedars, they are death to the fleeces as the tips of the cedar breaks off into the wool when the sheep lay under them. I’ve already seen some sprigs on the back of some of the sheep which I hurriedly plucked out (ouch!). Bridget is on thistle detail this summer and it is her goal to kill each and every thistle on the property, bless her!

There was a nice cool breeze, just a beautiful morning. I was being daring by not putting jeans on. I already have a good case of poison ivy on my arms from last weekends go at the fence line. What’s a little more on the legs? I thought I only had a little bit left but realized once I got down there that I really only got about ½ of it done last weekend. It is hard work but very rewarding to feel the breeze flowing thru once the tree is felled. I’ve left some elms and brush oak along the outside to keep shade for the sheep to lie in. So now it’s done, thank heaven! There’s still a ton of cedars in the back pasture but until it’s ready for sheep, they’ll stay there.

I also harvested the first ears of corn and cherry tomatoes from the garden today. Also cut some swiss chard and plucked some zucchinis (before they turn into baseball bats) and my first acorn squash. I love having fresh produce at my disposal plus its so pretty to look at! I made up a nice quiche with some local farm fresh eggs, swiss chard, cherry tomatoes and herbs from the herb pot off the back porch. Yummy!

Now that the day has become hot and humid, I’m sitting in the nice cool house with all the dogs and will get started on that waffle knit sweater that I’m knitting with Roark’s fleece. It’s a dream to work with and the colors are nice and tweedy. Once finished, it will be available for sale in the Dream Fibers store!

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